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The Day of the Melody (調べの日 Shirabe no Hi) is the second episode of the Kamisama ni Natta Hi anime series.


Both Youta and Odin arrive at Youta's house and are greeted by his mother Tokiko. When Tokiko is introduced to Odin, she gives her real given name, which is, Hina. Learning that, Youta laughs and intterally notes how that given name is by far one of the most common in Japan, especially for babies. Hina knows this because of her omniscience and throws a tantrum. Tokiko also sides with Odin being addressed as Hina on the notion, which pleases her. Believing that his father would have something to say against this, as it turns out, Youta's father Daichi also agrees to let her stay in the house. At the kitchen table where dinner is served, Youta's younger sister Sora and is immediately surprised and intrigued by Hina. To Hina's dismay, Sora's full name roughly means to be a Sky God and then learns that Youta's mother and father govern over Earth and Time respectively. However, she pulls through it as Hina is a true god in name and power. Afterward, Youta and Hina relax in Youta's room where they briefly talk his family. Right when Youta decides to study, this causes Hina to have an outburst, reminding him about the end of the world. So the two play an RPG video game, until Hina falls asleep. As Hina sleeps, Youta's parents observe Hina and claim the time has finally come and that they'll make sure Hina a good stay at their house.

The following day, Youta recounts his relationship with Kyouko; how the death of her mother made her develop an introverted personality. Hina hears Youta lamenting about Kyouko and offers to help him again with another "secret plan" involving Sora's summer project for the film club. Going along with the plan, Sora films her movie outside of her house where Youta is an astronaut having to save the world from a giant meteor. The plan of course is a fiasco as Youta doesn't hug and kiss Kyouko in the end of the film, however, Sora is at least satisfied with the final product. Therefor, Hina suggests a myriad of other films they can use to get closer to Kyouko, all of which completely fail. Eventually the two enjoy watermelon together and continue talking about ways to impress Kyouko. Ultimately, since Kyouko was seen studying Sound Psychology at the library, Hina suggests composing a song for her. On the other hand, Youta is not a virtuosos, but still Hina composes a song on the piano for him to learn and play. In time, Youta learns how to play the song on the piano and when he's ready, he contacts Kyouko to show her the fruits of his efforts.

At Kyouko's house, Youta uses Kyouko's piano to play the song, however, as he does, Kyouko takes over and plays it. The sound of the song is notably uplifting. When the song is finished, Youta notes that the song was composed by a goddess. When he tries to ask her out, Youta instead asks to continue studying with her in the library, to which, she agrees to. That night at the Narukami residence, the family enjoys dinner together, while although Youta is unhappy with not being able to convey his true feeling to Kyouko. He is satisfied that he made some form of progress. Tokiko then states that Sora isn't home, she's told by Daichi that she's over her senpai's house to learn how to write a movie script. Incidentally, Tokiko drops the plates that she was holding and it was thought to be a bad omen of sort. Just then the door bell rings and a bruised Sora along with her senpai. As of now, 24 days remain until the end of the world.