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Takara0625 Takara0625 27 October 2020

Adding info

Kyouko Izanami: Izanami's mother dying of an illness when she was little was the cause of her introvert and passive personality, and since middle school, boys considered her to be beautiful.

Hikari Jinguuji: Hikari is a film club alum and runs a ramen restaurant owned by her mom.

Kyouko Izanami: When she was younger, she was mischievous, spirited, naughty. However, after her mother's death, she became meek.

Ashura Kokuhou: Youta and Ashura have known each other for four years, and they were in the the same basketball team.

Youta Narukami: Youta quit the the basketball team so he can get closer to Kyouko.

Sora Narukami: Sora is part of the film club.

Kyouko Izanami: Kyouko is skilled at playing the piano.

Hina Sato: Hina's grandfather took her in…

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